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40th Year Anniversary

Here are 11 good reasons!

CNC-Style Flange

  1. Engineering
    NWOR header systems have been engineered for each Toyota model year. Prior to production special interest has been given to maximum performance gain, ease of installation, and properly functioning emission controls and O2 sensors. We do not offer a generic Brand "D" header: "Just to keep your cost as low as possible."
  2. Manufacturing
    NWOR headers are produced on our tooling using the latest technology. Equipment such as aircraft mandrel tube benders, robotic welders, and CNC machinery is utilized. These are sold by NWOR and selected dealers only.
  3. Material
    NWOR uses superior, 14 gauge header tubing on all our headers and exhaust systems. Many other manufacturers use 14 gauge also but only on their premium header brand. 14 gauge costs more initially but ensures a long life and less noise due to heavier wall thickness.
  4. Flange Thickness
    20-22R, 2.7, & V6 series engines feature NWOR high-tech full 1/2", thick, precision, CNC-machined, blanchard ground flanges and do not require header gaskets.
  5. Ball-Joint Connectors
    Simply "State-of-the-art!" Ours are expensive to produce, but the benefit of ball-joint connectors is a "gasket free" fit that is self-aligning to the exhaust system. These connectors are now on all headers produced by NWOR
  6. Design (4cyl)
    NWOR uses an expensive and more technical, Tri-Y production method. This allows the header to maximize low to mid-range torque and horsepower in the 2000-4500 rpm range.
  7. Design (V6)
    NWOR uses long, 1-5/8" equal length tubing on its V6 headers to achieve maximum torque in the low to mid-range since engine response is noticeably stronger with long, individual, primary tubing on 6cyl engines.
  8. Emissions
    NWOR headers feature emission fittings that are properly located and welded in place. "Bolt-on emission fittings, due to severe heat warpage, are exhaust leaks waiting to happen." We also offer the correct length header-to-catalytic converter hook-up pipe for each NWOR header system we sell. Carbureted truck headers include a hot air pick-up tube which is welded in place to accept the factory air cleaner hose: there is no additional charge for this.
  9. Finish
    Exclusive (PNS 100) Triple nickel and chrome plating system provide protection against rust and corrosion.
  10. Testing
    All headers are leak-tested after assembly to ensure leak-proof flanges and weld.
  11. Limited Lifetime Warranty
    As long as you own your Toyota. Please feel free to ask your salesman for a copy of our warranty.
Typical Header System

Part # 31002


  • Check design and construction carefully.
  • Consider the ease of installation.
  • What is the warranty?
Optional Hook-up pipes

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