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These manual transmission kits are designed for use in 4WD trucks and 4Runners for towing and normal driving with increased power. They are not intended for racing purposes. If you use the extra power sensibly the stock transmission and axle will last and perform properly. The manual transmission bellhousing kits are designed to replace Toyota 4 cylinder and V6 engines, in '79-'95 trucks and 4Runners, that have a 5 speed transmission with removable bellhousings only. These adapters require a 153 tooth flywheel.

The kit bolts into position without having to relocate the transmission/transfer case assembly and does not require firewall modifications, body trimming or driveline modifications. 1979-85 trucks with 3" or 4" suspension lifts will not require oil pan modifications. 1986 to'95 IFS trucks and 4Runners may use our modified oil pan with our heavy duty torsion bars to carry additional weight for street use only. Trucks that are used off-road should have the above plus a 4" suspension lift! NWOR recommends use of a body-lift on all engine swaps to provide maximum airflow over the engine and mandatory header and distributor clearance.

Kits include:

  • Bellhousing
  • Clutch disk
  • Special clutch slave cylinder
  • Throw-out bearing
  • Slave cylinder adjustment rod
  • Clutch fork

G Code Transmissions


R Code Transmissions


Toyota 4.3 V6 Installation

Toyota uses
the following transmission codes. Please carefully identify...1984-95 G52-G54, G58, and W56 (most 4 cyl) 1986-95 R150 F and R-151 F (turbo and V6).



The Ford 302 V8 bellhousing adapter kit for 1984-1995 Toyota 5-speed transmissions with a removable bellhousing has been designed to replace 4 & 6 cylinder engine equipped Toyotas. The engine will mount directly to the original Toyota 4 & 6 cylinder engine pads using our bolt-in engine mounts P/N N10056. The Ford V8s are narrower than the Chevy V8 and feature a forward-mounted distributor eliminating all firewall modifications. We recommend using our dual sump oil pan kit for increased clearance in the differential area. As with all V8 engine swaps on 1986 and later IFS suspension, we recommend using our heavy duty replacement torsion bars. This adapters requires using a 164 tooth flywheel. (R Code bellhousing adapter for V6 transmission now available for immediate delivery!)

Toyota Engine Adapter Ford Installation

Ford 302 Bellhousing Kit
(G code)
Ford 302 Bellhousing Kit (V6) - NEW! (R code) N10014-V6
Ford 302 / 5.0 V8 For Toyota Celica - Click Here NEW! N10057
Chevy V8 For Toyota Celica - Click Here NEW! N10055

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