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Laser-cut Flange
No Gasket Required

NWOR recently released a new, ultra-quality, Tri-Y header system for the 2.7 liter 4cyl engine used in the Tacoma trucks. NWOR's Tri-Y designed header really brings these 2.7 four valve engines alive. The engine response has been fantastic throughout the entire rpm range, and we've received reports of 2-3 mpg improvements in fuel economy. NWOR's 2.7 4cyl header showcases new technology in header design. It features full 1/2" thick, precision laser-cut, flanges to ensure a "no gasket required" fit. As usual, the header material is premium grade 14 gauge tubing which has been mandrel-bent on Eaton/Leonard aircraft tube bending equipment. NWOR uses 14 gauge material for its superior strength, durability and its sound-deadening qualities. Will not fit automatic transmission models.

2.7 Header '96-'01

"I have had the system since 28 March, 1996 and it looks super and extremely well made by people who know what they're doing. The best part is my little (Tacoma) truck was OK to start with, but now runs quiet and stronger. I have no idea of the horsepower (gain) but it's a very noticeable amount. The gas mileage was at best 21 mpg; now if I cruise at 60-65 it gets 25 mpg. I am very happy with that. Even in town the mileage is 19-20 mpg." - Edward Leckey, Carson City, Nevada.


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