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Lock Up Kit

700R Lock-Up Kit


For the 700R4 or 4L60 GM transmissions for Toyota engine swaps. Both fuel injected and carbureted engines have to be modified to a non-computer controlled transmission. This easy to install lock-up kit eliminates the need to use or purchase computer or speed sensor controls. The vacuum controlled 4th gear pressure switch / lock up solenoid combination controls the lock-up. The kit includes all necessary pressure, vacuum, brake control switches, wiring harness, transmission pan gasket and easy to follow instructions.


Vehicle speed sensors (VSS), or Hall Effect Transducers, are required for all California TPI and TBI GM engine conversions. They are essential not only for proper emission control operation, but also perform the converter lock-up function. These units couple directly to Toyota's speedometer drive at the transfer case. When installing any computer controlled GM engine, whether a manual or automatic transmission is used, the VSS will allow the correct calibration of idle speed, fuel enrichment and transmission lock-up on both carbureted and fuel injected engines. Please specify two or four pulse. Speed Sensor

Vehicle Speed Sensor (2 pulse)
Vehicle Speed Sensor (4 pulse)


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